New tablets to launch on November 2nd

Apple unveils iPad mini and iPad 4

Apple has unveiled a new iPad mini and the iPad 4 with both set to arrive in stores on November 2nd.

The iPad mini is seen as a competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet introduced last year which has cut into the dominance of Apple’s tablet device.

The chief difference between the two in the eyes of the public is the size and price, with the 7.9 inch iPad mini ticketed at $329.

The 9.7 inch iPad 4 will run $499.

Some claim the pricing of the mini is not low enough to seriously compete with other tablets, nor is the device feature-laden enough to justify the high sticker price.

The iPad 4 boasts a retina display, faster wi-fi connection, and twice the processing power of previous generations, including the mini.

The mini has a larger screen than its "small tablet" competitors, as well as similar updates to Wi-Fi, camera, and connectors, but is otherwise similar to the iPad 3.

The result is that some doubt the efficacy of the new tablet.

Nonetheless, the high price tag could very well be balanced by the wide array of apps available on the App Store, and the iPad mini is expected to be a hot seller during the holiday season.

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