Welsh developer to offer composition for games, radio and advertising

Arberth Studios moves into music production

Arberth Studios is to begin to offer music production services for uses outside of its own product base. As well as creating audio for games, the company’s composer Noel Bruton is hoping to offer works for use in advertising and as radio ‘idents’.

Emerging in September 2007, Arberth Studios initially developed PC adventure Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches, and has recently confirmed it is currently at work on a ‘Welsh mystery’ Coven. Bruton created the soundtracks for both titles.

"It’s a logical extension to the use of music in our games," said Bruton on the subject of the studio’s plans. "Just as advertising commercials and presentations offer music to their audience, so does Arberth use music to evoke mood and emotion in our players’ gaming experience. For example, we have our sonic brand trigger on our video trailers and we use them all over our games as clue-reveals."

A famous example of the sonic brand trigger is Intel’s signature audio accompaniment to its logo; other companies are increasingly committing to similar methods to aid recognition.

"I’ve been creating music for more than 40 years and I find I make far more tunes than even Arberth can use," added Bruton. "Arberth uses music to promote our products just as other advertisers would – so perhaps others can benefit from it."

For examples of Bruton’s work visit the official Arberth Studios website’s music page.

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