Our latest opinion piece examines 'the new, but overlooked' frontier

Are developers overlooking the opportunities that lie in kids games?

If 98 per cent of children, as BBC research claims, play games, and a huge chunk of them are happy to play games, are developers missing out by ignoring this ripe market?

According to our latest Mind Your Own Business opinion piece by Games Investor Consulting, they are, and "a new games frontier of colossal potential" is emerging, but is one "which most ‘traditional’ games companies appear largely disinterested in".

The piece, by Nick Gibson, says that this ignorance is allowing non-traditional games companies to swoop in with titles like Disney’s Club Penguin MMO and other online services for kids.

Nevertheless, "there is a great opportunity here for independent developers with their established multi-disciplinary development processes and superior understanding of gameplay and player engagement," says Gibson.

To read the full piece, click here.

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