France-based Arx Fatalis developer stepping in to assist in art design

Arkane becomes fourth BioShock 2 dev

The BioShock 2 project will now see four studios working simultaneously to develop the game.

Principal developer 2K Marin is already partnering with 2K Australia for development of the game’s singleplayer, while Canadian dev Digital Extremes is stepping in to provide the game’s multiplayer component.

Now the trio will be joined by France-headquartered dev Arkane Studios.

Arkane – the outfit behind Dark Messiah of Might & Magic and Arx Fatalis – will be helping with Bioshock 2’s design, animation, and art assets. 

“Arkane is assisting in the creation of levels that embody the aesthetic and gameplay ideals that make BioShock such a unique and exciting experience," said 2K Marin’s Alyssa Finley.

In July 2006, Arkane Studios opened a studio in Austin, Texas.

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