Company behind Bloodstained ports will share with all devs authorised for those platforms

Armature to give away UE4 Wii U and Vita base code for free

Developer Armature is offering to share its work on bringing an Unreal Engine 4 game to Wii U and PlayStation Vita with other studios.

The company is currently working on Wii U and Vita ports of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the crowdfunded adventure by Castlevania designer Koji Igarishi. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, but Armature is not letting the lack of support for this engine prevent it from bringing Bloodstained to new platforms.

“It turns out that people have shown a ton of interest in our plan to port UE4 to the Wii U and PS Vita,” the firm wrote in an update on the game’s Kickstarter page. “Since they’re not officially supported platforms, it’s going to be a lot of work to get Bloodstained and UE4 on these platforms, but we are up to the challenge.

“Since the community got these platforms off the ground, we figure it’s best to let the community have them back when we’re done. As a result, after the release of Bloodstained we will share, for free, the UE4 Wii U and Vita code with any developer authorised to develop on those platforms.”

Igarishi originally asked for $500,00 in his Kickstarter appeal. At the time of writing, the total stands at a whopping $4.2m.

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