App protection firm’s latest release will help devs fight clones and hacking

Arxan launches security support for mobile games

Arxan Technologies has launched its mobile game security support tool for major platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The software is built to prevent unauthorised access to a mobile title’s code, as well as countering hacking threats, reverse-engineering and tampering.

Available now, the mobile game security solution is also being showcased at this week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at Arxan’s booth – No.536 – at the GDC Expo.

Arxan claims that its protection solutions are used by seven of the top ten gaming companies to protect PC, web and console games.

“Securing a mobile game is a very complex problem as the hacking threats faced by each game depends on the type of game it is, the platforms it’s available on, as well as how the game is architected,” said Arxan game security expert Rennie Allen.

“For example, an attack of reverse-engineering, code tampering and repackaging/republishing of mobile gaming apps can produce mobile app clones. Each clone can be different; some reusing code or artwork, and often successfully resembling the original mobile gaming app but with malware included.”

You can find out more about Arxan’s protection technology at the firm’s website.

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