Former creative director for franchise Patrice Desilets withdraws legal action in return for control over suspended project

Assassin’s Creed creator regains 1666 Amsterdam rights from Ubisoft

Patrice Desilets, one of the figures instrumental in creating the Assassin’s Creed series, has been granted the full rights to project 1666 Amsterdam.

The title, which began life at THQ Montreal, was originally halted by Ubisoft back in 2013 for an “undisclosed period of time”.

Around the same time, Desilets was let go from Ubisoft, having previously headed up the project.

He subsequently filed a lawsuit against Ubisoft in response to his “abusive” firing and formed his own studio, Panache Digital Games. “Total ownership of 1666” was one of the demands stipulated in the motion.

Now, Desilets has agreed to drop his legal action against Ubisoft, in return for regaining creative and business control over the secretive game.

“Putting aside our past differences, Patrice and I are above all interested in the creation of videogames and the evolution of this medium of entertainment,” said Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montréal and Toronto. “This agreement is good news for everyone.”

“I’m glad Ubisoft and I were able to come to an agreement that will allow me to obtain the rights to project 1666 Amsterdam,” added Désilets.

“I will now devote myself entirely to the development of Ancestors: the Humankind Odyssey, my next game with Panache Digital Games. This is what matters most to me today: making the best games and showing the world the creative talent of Quebecers.” 

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