AudioMotors to enable tuning and adapting of pre-recorded engine sounds

AudioGaming debuts vehicle sound plug-in

Audio tech outfit AudioGaming has released a new plug-in that focuses on motor vehicle engine sounds for the likes of racing and action games.

The AudioMotors expansion lets users generate acceleration, deceleration and rolling sounds from a single recording, by applying a number of analysis and synthesis algorithms in real-time.

"From a single recording done on a parking lot, the plug-in is able to generate any engine speed on demand and gives you instant access to any detected RPM seamlessly," read a statement to the press from AudioGaming. "Use interior or exterior sounds and use automation in your favorite DAW to get the perfect fit and feel for your vehicle scenes."

Users can apparently finely tune and control every kind of motor sound from high impact engine noises for racing through to gentle rumblings needed for dialogue scenes set in car interiors.

In the future it is expected that a range of downloadable recordings will also be available for AudioGaming customers.

AudioGaming is a French tool company that has previously released AudioWind and AudioRain. For more information the official AudioMotors website page can be found here.

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