Company claims new version of popular audio tool is biggest update since original 2006 launch

Audiokinectic releases Wwise 2014.1

Audio whizzes are now able to get their hands on the latest iteration of Audiokinetic’s widely-used Wwise tool.

Wwise 2014.1 adds a range of new features and has been in the works for a full year. In fact, Audiokinetic claims this is the largest update since the original Wwise was released in 2006.

New features include: MIDI support for interactive music and virtual instruments; the Wwise Synth One source plug-in that lets devs design musical instruments, UI and ambient sounds; new plug-in partners Auro3D and IOSONO; updated mixer plug-in framework; and enhanced Unity and Unreal Engine 4 integrations.

Wwise 2014.1 now outputs up to 255 channels, and features a new attenuation property: focus.

"This release has been focused on expanding Wwise as a creative sound design tool," said Simon Ashby, Audiokinetic’s VP of products. 

"Composers and sound designers will find many new ways to express their craft and deliver more interactive and innovative content."

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