GDC 09: Audio software company to develop plug-ins for Wwise pipeline

Audiokinetic and McDSP enter technical partnership

Audiokinetic and McDSP have entered a technical partnership that will see the latter develop plug-ins for the Wwise audio pipeline solution.

Californian audio software company McDSP will begin to provide Wwise users with a range of effect plug-ins, which will be accessible directly in Wwise’s user interface. Details about the plug-ins that will be available, as well as licensing particulars, are due to be made shortly. The plug-ins themselves will be available in Wwise later this year.

"McDSP is delighted to deliver high quality real-time audio effects to the gaming market via the Wwise platform,” said Colin McDowell, McDSP’s founder and CTO. “The growth of the Wwise customer base is impressive, and we’re pleased to be a part of this new generation of audio capabilities for games.”

“We want Wwise to become a comprehensive platform for sound design,” added Simon Ashby, vice president of products strategy at Audiokinetic. “Eventually, Wwise will be enhanced with a series of partners’ plug-ins, and will interface with tools that share its mission: create better audio for games.”

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