GDC08: New tool unites sound design with movement; Pandemic signs Wwise, too

Audiokinetic unveils Wwise Motion

Montreal-based Audiokinetic has unveiled a new tool at GDC today which looks to meld motion and sound in game development.

Wwise Motion bills itself as ‘the first and only motion solution for games’ and according to product development manager Simon Ashby "comes from a very simple, yet very bright idea".

He explained: “In video games, whenever there is motion, there is sound. So the idea was to simply and automatically generate motion by using the actual sound signal and transforming it into motion adapted for each platform controller, and peripherals such as the D-Box chair.”

Wwise Motion offers the same functionalities and workflow as Audiokinetic’s two-year old tool Wwise, but applies them to the creation, customization and integration of motion.

“The video game industry is highly competitive,” said André Nadeau, president and CEO of Audiokinetic.

“Developers must concentrate on their core business: developing state-of-the-art games that will strike gamers. They no longer have the luxury to develop their own tools. This is Audiokinetic’s core business: develop highly innovative solutions thatanswer developers’ needs.”

Wwise Motion will be demoed at Audiokinetic’s booth on the GDC showfloor at NH 6234.

Elsewhere, Audiokinetic has also been toasting a new licensee, with Pandemic signing up to use Wwise for the development of Saboteur and a number of unannounced titles currently in production at its Los Angeles and Brisbane locations.

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