Combined mocap solution rivals publishersâ?? own in-house facilities

Audiomotion: Traditional mocap techniques â??detractâ?? from experience

Speaking to Develop, Audiomotion’s Mick Morris has said he feels the traditional motion capture technique ‘detracts’ from the experience games offer.

Previously motion capture techniques have typically offered a disassociated model, where elements such as body movement, facial expression and audio are all recorded separately. Audiomotion offers a combined approach known as ‘full motion capture’, where every discipline is captured simultaneously.

“Trying to do these separate elements at different points in time with different processes cause problems that only detract from the experience,” said Morris.

Audiomotion has also seen larger publishers with their own development studios that feature in-house facilities start to return to outsourcing mocap work, to take advantage of modern techniques such as full motion capture.

Speaking of his company’s work with the games industry, Morris said: “Pretty much all of largest publishers – many of whom have their mocap facilities – have used our services in the past 12 months. I think it’s because we do a lot of motion capture outside of games – we get exposure when working on Hollywood features such as Prince Caspian and The Watchmen, and we bring the benefits of experience to projects that perhaps internal mocap teams don’t get.

“It’s certainly a turnaround from a few years ago when it was the done thing for people to bring their motion capture in-house. Some elements of a production, games or film are best outsourced.”

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