Gravity, NCsoft and Webzen all using Max or Maya

Autodesk backs Korean online game developers

Autodesk has been touting its strong showing amongst the Korean massively-multiplayer game development community, with NCsoft, Webzen and Gravity all using their 3D graphics applications.

NCsoft, developer of the MMO Lineage, is using 3ds Max in the development of its new title Aion, due out in 2008.

“At NCsoft, we wouldn’t be able to realise our vision for Aion without Autodesk 3ds Max. Productivity and standardised workflows are key for our 80 artist team, and by using 3ds Max, we have an efficient, stable asset creation pipeline,” said Kim Hyung Joon, art director at NCsoft.

“Not only that, but the 3ds Max software’s pervasiveness makes it easier for me to recruit new artists, since there’s a large 3ds Max talent pool in Korea and around the world.”

Webzen is also using 3ds Max in conjunction with Maya on its ambitious massively-multiplayer FPS Huxley, while Gravity is currently putting the finishing touches to Ragnarok Online 2.

Park Young Woo, Ragnarok Online II producer at Gravity, commented: “Characters in Ragnarok Online II were primarily created with Autodesk 3ds Max.

“Our goal was to create cute yet extremely expressive and natural facial animations for all characters.3ds Max enabled us to model, animate and render ideal characters that retain the cuteness of the original Ragnarok anime characters, while delivering livelier expressions and more convincing social movements.”

Speaking on Autodesk’s success in the Korean online game development space, Marc Petit, senior vice president of Autodesk Media & Entertainment, said: “Online games have become a major part of Korea’s entertainment culture, and Korea is a hotbed for game development innovation.”

“We’ve seen an explosion of massively multiplayer online games in the past five years. Our clients NCsoft, Webzen and Gravity are raising the bar for MMOGs around the world, and they’re relying on Autodesk’s 3D software to create award winning, lucrative game titles.”

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