Latest FPS from German studio made use of US firmâ??s popular graphics middleware

Autodesk reveals Crytek Scaleform licensing

Autodesk has revealed that German studio Crytek made use of its popular Scaleform graphics middleware during the development of the recently released chart-topping FPS Crysis 2.

“With Crysis 2, we really wanted to push our CryEngine 3 game engine and all available technology to the limit in order to achieve a unique gaming experience,” said Crytek managing director Avni Yerli.

“Scaleform support for CryEngine and stereoscopic 3D, as well as its availability on numerous platforms, helped us raise the quality and performance of our in-game graphic interfaces for both the PC and console versions to a whole new level.”

Autodesk senior director of product development Brendan Iribe was also enthused about the potential for 3D in relation to the future of games.

“Stereoscopic 3D opens up a brand new way for players to experience and interact with their games,” he said.

“Crysis 2 is a marquee example of just how well two powerful technologies, CryEngine 3 and Scaleform, can come together to create a game that enables players to truly experience a new dimension in gaming.”

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