Avalanche Studios' Linus Blomberg suggests experience of PS4 development, and sees the machine as a PC-beater

Avalanche: ‘PS4 development a walk in the park’

Avalanche Studios CTO Linus Blomberg has described developing for the recently announced PlayStation 4 as ‘a walk in the park’.

Speaking with Develop, the co-founder of the Just Cause studio has showered Sony’s forthcoming console with praise, although he admitted it will take time for some devs to familiarise themselves with the platform.

"Compared to the PS3 it’s a walk in the park," stated Blomberg. "I think that’s one of the major lessons Sony learned with the last generation, you have to be accessible for the developers to be successful. Of course, there’s still some quirkiness involved, especially if you’re used to a Windows development environment."

He also told Develop that he believes the PS4 could outperform PCs for many years,

"The hardware as such is great, and will outperform most PC’s for many years to come," he claimed. "But the true greatness lies in the accessibility and ecosystem supporting it in terms of social connectivity and cloud services."

Blomberg’s comments about ease of developing for the PS4 seem to suggest the studio has experience making games for the systems. It is rumoured the studio is at work on a new Just Cause game and a Mad Max open world title, but neither is confirmed for PS4.

Avalance was one of 26 developers and games tech professionals that spoke with Develop, most of whom were largely positive about the platform. To read all their insights click here.

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