Video: Striking two minute video depicts the creation and history of the Infinity Blade

Axis Animation collaborates on Infinity Blade: Origins short film

Scotland-based Axis Animation has collaborated with director Ben Hibon and developer ChAIR on a special short film for Infinity Blade III.

Called Infinity Blade: Origins, the visually striking two minute video will also act as the introduction for Epic’s latest entry into its popular action RPG series on mobile.

Axis built the 3D characters and used a blend of texturing and shading to add a 2D feel to the video, which was then layered with both 3D and 2D animated visual effects.

The short film depicts the forging of the Infinity Blade and the weapon’s subsequent history waging terror and defeating enemies.

“The team built on techniques they had used when working with Ben on previous projects such as Codehunters and Sucker Punch,” said Axis Producer Isabel Arjona.

“It was important that we used the right technique in the right place, mixing 3d and 2d animation with digital illustration.”

Hibon added: “It was paramount for the camera to move freely around the 3D sets – but also to keep the artistry and 2D ‘hand-drawn’ details found in the original artwork. The versatile team at Axis delivered a ‘mix technique’ approach that really surpassed the original brief. Some of the VFX – smoke, sparkles, particles, etcetera – drawn in 2D over the 3D frames helped completing the look and gave the film a very unique quality.”

The short film’s director, Ben Hibon, has previously worked on the animated series for Heavenly Sword, as well as creating in-game sequences for Killer7.

You can watch the full Infinity Blade: Origins video below.

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