Sources claim publisher believed game was ready to ship despite performance issues

Batman: Arkham Knight PC problems ‘known for months’

Warner Bros knew about the state of Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC port for months before release, it has been claimed.

Rocksteady’s latest entry in the Arkham series was pulled from sale on PC after a series of numerous bugs and performance issues affecting playability. The issues were such that the game has accumulated more than 7,600 negative reviews on Steam with player reaction labelled as “mostly negative”.

A source speaking to Kotaku, who allegedly worked on the game as a tester, said many of the issues players are witnessing now are the same as those the QA team spotted almost a year ago.

It’s unlikely Warner had no idea of the state of the game in the months leading up to release, but a further two sources claimed the publisher decided to ship the game anyway as it was thought to be “good enough” to sell to consumers.

Rocksteady was said to be “unprepared” for the difficulties of developing for PS4 and Xbox One, which led to only ten QA staff in a team of 100 reporting bugs on the PC port.

“Getting it to work on consoles was impossible for months,” said a tester.

“That’s part of why the game got delayed so many times, they were totally unprepared for how hard it was on next-gen consoles.”

Though Rocksteady developed console versions, Iron Galaxy is said to have worked on the PC port. The London studio is now working with Iron Galaxy and Warner to fix the issues.

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