Custom tech fools Battlefield 4 into playing custom maps

Battlefield fan builds own version of EA’s Frostbite Engine

A PC gamer has developed his own game engine that serves as a substitute for – and interacts with – Electronic Arts’ Frostbite technology.

The individual, known as CaptainSpIeXx, has used his custom tech to load in data from Frostbite maps, according to PCGamesN. He can then alter the objects and landscape in the map, change textures and recompile them as fully working maps for Battlefield 4.

Tricking the game into thinking his content is an official patch, he can then play his own modded maps on private servers. The technology is demonstrated in a couple of videos that you can see below.

EA has yet to respond to this, but will no doubt seek to block this use of its technology. The Frostbite engine powers all of the publisher’s biggest games, including Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield Hardline and the upcoming new Mass Effect.

Projects such as this are usually for personal enjoyment only – EA ceased mod support for the Battlefield games several years ago. However, games firms keen to protect their copyrights and technology can often move to block them, a recent example being Nintendo’s action against a Unity user that built a HD version of Super Mario 64.

Check out CaptainSpIeXx’s work below:

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