Deutsche Gamestage and GameDuell call for support to expand industry in German capital

Berlin needs ‘better investment’ for games sector

Berlin’s game development sector needs better investment infrastructure and support from government if it is to grow, according to one of the organisers behind a major trade show in the region.

Michael Liebe, project lead of the Deutsche Gamestage, Berlin’s annual trade event for game developers, claims that the industry in the German capital needs more support, despite its perceived self-reliance.

“We need even better networking infrastructure, more programmes to support international expansion, and most of all, better financing infrastructure,” Liebe told Develop.

“The German banks are still afraid of the dynamics the video games industry has and hesitate to invest in game companies. Also, more efficient immigration policies would help to find the appropriate talent for international game companies.”

Liebe isn’t the only member of the industry in Berlin that holds the view that the sector needs more support.
“The games industry in Germany and in Berlin lacks a serious commitment from the political sector,” argues Kai Bolik, CEO of social and casual developer and publisher GameDuell.

“Although some politicians seem to get more aware of the economic and technological potential and impact of games, parts of society still do not recognise games as serious business, but rather as potentially harmful for youth.”

Bolik, Liebe and other shared their views in a recent region focus Develop conducted.

The Germany capital has built up a huge tech scene of its own in recent years, and game development has followed that, with the like of Wooga and Aeria Games established in the city.

In contrast to this, during our last region focus on Hamburg, developers from that region express their pleasure with the support they receive from local government.

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