But Nintendo's next console mustn't complicate matters, studio says

Bethesda: Wii U ‘definitely a possibility’

Bethesda could soon begin support for Nintendo’s next-generation console, an executive at the company has said.

"It’s definitely a possibility for the future,” said Betheseda marketing VP Pete Hines to Official Nintendo Magazine.

“We’ll look at any platform that will support that games we’re trying to make, but that’s the key thing – the console has to support the game as it is designed."

But he cautioned that, due to the high workload of porting, the more work Bethesda has to do, the “less palatable it becomes”.

"Just doing 360, PS3 and PC – I don’t think people understand the amount of work that goes into that.

“All of the localisation you have to do, all of the testing you have to do, on every platform in every language, it’s a pretty huge undertaking.

"So you aren’t just supporting the Wii U; You’re supporting it in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish."

The Fallout and Elder Scrolls studio would be a huge coup for the console giant, which has received criticism for the lack of quality third party games on the Wii.

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