The social games giant â??gets offers all the timeâ??

Bigpoint â??not for saleâ??

Bigpoint boss Heiko Hubertz has insisted his firm won’t acquiesce to any future buyout bids.

The CEO of the social games firm wants to dominate the free-to-play MMO market with in-browser games – a plan which has so far shown enough promise to attract the attention of the market.

"We see interest all the time,” Hubertz said in an interview with

“I get contacted by so many media companies and pro-equity funds, but I personally am not interested to sell. I believe in what we’re doing here.”

Hubertz has already divested the company to the likes of GMT Communications and NBC Universal.

“But from my point of view I’m not interested in selling. If someone wants to talk to us, that’s not a problem, they can do that, but I’m taking care of business.”

Bigpoint is one of the few pioneering firms in the social games space. Despite the firm’s aggressive expansion, it remains a minnow compared to the social kingpin Zynga.

Speaking recently at the London Games Conference, Hubertz said that Gameforge, Jagex, Playfish, Unity and Bigpoint are – combined – still not big enough to measure up to Zynga by its valuation.

He also warned that, although companies are flocking to the social games space, specifically on Facebook, they are missing the point.

Facebook games "continue to lose players" he said, saying the marketplace for social games on the site has become too crowded, too quickly, and is full of clones.

It’s a cut-throat world where "you have to spend a lot of money on advertising to get the users," he said.

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