Students and MMO devs also set to gain from tech releases

BigWorld’s trio of new products targets indies

Tool and tech company BigWorld has made available a trio of new products specifically created for the indie developers, students and small commercial studios working on MMOs.

Indie teams, registered education institutions and other relevant games makers can apply now for the ‘BigWorld Indie’, ‘BigWorld Indie Source’ or ‘BigWorld Academic’ licenses of BigWorld’s full scale commercial tech, giving them access to a generous range of the company’s tools.

“This announcement comes as a bona fide boon for students, indie and prototype developers who have previously been unable to gain access to BigWorld’s premier, complete and proven MMOG solution," said John De Margheriti, CEO, BigWorld. “Many developers have been placing solutions for Indies and making available prototype builds for emerging game companies for quite some time. BigWorld has kept its focus on the fully commercial marketplace and to date, there are over 40 commercial licenses in development or launched on BigWorld Technology.

"We are now well positioned to expand our product offerings to include academic institutions and mod and indie developers, who are in our belief, stronger and more capable than ever to take advantage of virtual or graphical social worlds and MMOs."

The full BigWorld Commercial suite includes the BigWorld Server Software, Content Creation Pipeline, 3D Client Engine package, live management tools and instrumentation. The firm pitches its tech as a complete and proven MMO game development solution.

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