Remake to harness brand new engine

Binding of Isaac surpasses two million sales

Indie dungeon crawler the Binding of Isaac has surpassed two million in sales.

Speaking to NorthernLion on Youtube, developer Edmund McMillen said the title had sold one million copies in its first year, and since then has gone on to sell another million.

The funds generated from the impressive sales will be used for the remake entitled The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which will use an entirely new game engine rather than Flash.

The remake is expected to be released on PC, PS3 and Vita later this year.

In June last year McMillen revealed the game had sold 700,000 copies since its release in September 2011, and expressed his surprise the title had been so well received.

"Who would have thought a game about an abused child fighting off his mother with his tears could ever sell 700k copies in less than a year?" said the game’s developer Edmund McMillen at the time.

"Not me, that’s for f*cking sure."

The indie developer has previously created titles such as platformer Super Meat Boy, which itself surpassed one million in sales.

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