Develop 2010: Big budget work is becoming a fruitless undertaking for many, claims Zeschuk

BioWare: Triple-A wrong for most studios

BioWare’s co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk has said that for most studios attempting to do triple-A projects is largely a pointless task.

"Striving to do triple-A console development right now is the wrong goal for most developers," claimed the exec, speaking in the keynote opening the

Zeschuk, who also serves as the general manager of BioWare’s Austin studio, made the remarks in his keynote opening the second day of the Develop Conference in Bighton today.

"The market has changed now to the point that it is becoming just a goal setting excersise," said Zeschuk, who suggested that many years ago imost in the industry aimed to create triple-A games.

"It’s now precisely the wrong thing to do," he added.

Zeschuk pointed to the success of industry veterans forming microstudios, before offering some advice for other developers: "If you’re going to pick a direction, online gaming comes in all shapes and sizes."

"There’s a lot of money there," he concluded.

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