Develop 2010: It's a commitment to quality, argues co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk

BioWare: We’re obsessed with review scores

Speaking at the keynote opening the second day of the Develop Conference, Bioware’s Dr. Greg Zeschuk has admitted that EA studio BioWare is obsessed with review scores

In the ‘Creative Game Development’ session lead by the BioWare Austin general manager and BioWare co-founder Zeschuk said of review scores and Metacritic ratings: "We give them a lot of attention."

"Some would say we’re obsessed with review scores," he added, stood in front of a slide demonstrating Mass Effect 2’s success on the Metacritic website. "We’re really driven by our commitment to quality in that way.

Zeschuk’s comments came as part of an in depth look at the culture of the studio, which has seen 25 million of its games sell since 1995.

In the same keynote Zeschuk proposed that studio management teams must support a development team rather than rule it, and revealed: "You literally design a business’ culture, much like you do with a game; you design it as a game designer makes a game."

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