As the Liverpool-based developer states that it â??will not step awayâ?? from the racing genre

Bizarre preparing for future Blur games

UK developer Bizarre Creations has suggested that plans are already in place to build a sequel to its upcoming racer, Blur.

Speaking to Develop, the Activision-owned studio suggested that it is currently developing the combat-street-racer with enough ‘space’ to facilitate a sequel.

When asked if Blur had the potential to become a franchise, Bizarre Creations associate producer Chris Pickford said that the game had enough ‘loose-ends’ that could be tied up in future releases.

“It’s probably arrogant to think that your game is going to become a big deal,” he said.

 “You always have to temper things with caution. But we’re got a lot of hindsight at our studio, and we can take the precautions to make sure we have the space to move forward with it."

Bizarre has over the last decade developed four critically-successful editions of the Project Gotham Racing franchise.

“Don’t get me wrong. This game is all we’re focused on," added Pickford.

"We’re not holding back. We absolutely cannot hold anything back; we need to make sure that everything we have goes into this first game. We need to make sure this game is as good as it can be, because otherwise you don’t end up with a franchise.

“But the game itself can have enough… ‘loose ends’ almost… that we can start tying up.”

Pickford added that any work on a Blur sequel “depends on how we’ll want to do things, and of course how the game is received.”

Whether Bizarre’s new racer is a commercial success or not, Pickford said the studio was not going to move away from the racing genre, like it has done in the past with shooters such as The Club and Geometry Wars.

“I can tell you definitively,” he said, “we don’t want to step away from the racing genre.

“Apart from it being our bread and butter, it’s something that we absolutely love. And there’s still so much we can do with it. I know people say ‘racing’s dead’ or that everything is just different tracks and different cars but the same old way of doing things, but that’s not the way it is at all.

“That sort of perspective comes from people just looking at content. When you design from a content standpoint, you’re always going to end up in the same area, doing the same equations.

“When you start thinking about emotions and players and storylines, things are different.”

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