Treyarch shows off new texture technique 'reveal mapping' and confirms DX11 compatibility for PC

Black Ops 2 ‘to get visual overhaul’

Activision’s latest blockbuster Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is to undergo a ‘visual overhaul’ on its predecessors, claims Treyarch’s director of online.

As reported by oneofswords, Dan Bunting showed off the games HDR lighting, bounce lighting and self shadowing tech, which he said “does most of the work when it comes to visual fidelity”, as well as a new texture technique called reveal mapping.

Bunting also confirmed that the game would run at 60fps, and said that the development team “would not sacrifice” the game’s frame rate for visual detail, despite the enhancements made.

As well as revealing some of the tech to be integrated into the console versions of the game, studio boss Mark Lamia also said that the PC version of the game would take advantage of DirectX 11 cards.

As well as additional graphical changes on the franchises’ predecessors, the game is also set to feature “branching storylines” and “player choice”, allowing players to pick varying paths through levels.

Game director Dave Anthony claimed the series’ linearity “has been thrown away, and all bets are off in term of how you expect this game is going to play”.

The title, sequel to the most commercially successful game in the Call of Duty franchise, is currently slated for a November 13th release.

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