Updated dev kit to allow developers to complete final testing and submit their games to Blackberry App World

Blackberry 10 SDK goes gold on December 11th

The Gold version of the Blackberry 10 SDK will be released on December 11th, Research in Motion has announced.

The updated development kit will allow developers to complete final testing of their games and submit their apps to Blackberry App World ready for the launch of Blackberry 10 on January 30th.

The deadline to submit apps to the storefront and take advantage of the 10k developer commitment, which guarantees developers $10,000 revenue in the first year if they earn a minimum of $1,000, is on January 21st.

As well as the gold SDK, RIM will be updating the Blackbery 10 SDK on November 20th, which will include numerous bug fixes and increased functionality to the WebWorks HTML5 tools.

The mobile firm said it hoped the update would draw the WebWorks toolset closer to parity with its own Native tools.

RIM’s global head of business development Volker Hirsch recently told Develop that he believed Blackberry 10 was the “easiest platform to support today”, and claimed the upcoming smartphone was more powerful than the company’s Playbook tablets

“I’m quite confident to say we are probably the easiest platform to support today and Galaxy on Fire 2 HD for example was ported in a single day by one developer,” he said.

“And you know how rich that game is, it’s a whopper of a title. It runs allegedly on a higher frame rate on the Playbook already that it does on an iPad 3. The Blackberry 10 handhelds have quite a bit more power than the Playbooks.

“That’s gaming performance that I think people weren’t use to on Blackberry’s in the past, and that’s what we’re building. What we’re then doing on top of that is trying to address some of the big headaches developers have such as discoverability.”

He added: “Most studios write in C++, I don’t know a single platform you could port to from another platform in one day. So that is one thing, we’re extremely standards compliant, not only in Native, you can also use Webkit, we have the most HTML5 compliant browser or things like Air so it literally runs out of the box.”

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