Research In Motion to pour Java and Android apps into its new app store

Blackberry trick brings Android apps to Playbook

The Blackberry rival to the iPad will soon host Android apps and games, the tablet’s owner has said.

Research In Motion’s (RIM) upcoming Blackberry Playbook will give developers a virtual platform to port their Android games onto. These can be accessed from the user via a separate Playbook app.

RIM will also provide the same service for Java apps.

“Developers will simply repackage, code sign and submit their Java and Android apps to BlackBerry App World,” the company said.

RIM did not provide information relating to approve terms, nor how long Android developers would have to wait before their product goes on sale. It did say that the Android apps must be from version 2.3 or above.

But RIM wants developers to build custom-made apps too, and will release a native Playbook SDK, said to allow for C/C++ application development.

The Android and Java apps will be sold alongside native Playbook apps on Blackberry App World – the firm’s own App Store.

Blackberry PlayBook will launch in the US from April 19. No release dates are available for regions beyond North America.

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