Code includes solution files for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

Blendo Games releases Quadrilateral Cowboy source code

The developer behind Quadrilateral Cowboy has now released the game’s source code for other studios to explore and learn from.

Blendo Games’ latest release is a cyberpunk puzzle title that sees players hacking through security systems using an old 56.6k modem in a series of digital heists. It has already won multiple awards, and critical acclaim from a variety of outlets.

Quadrilateral Cowboy was built on a modified version of Id Software’s idTech4 engine, GamaSutra reports – that’s the same engine behind Doom 3, Quake 4, Brink and the original Prey. The source code is available at Blendo’s website.

The code itself is written in C++, but includes the solution files for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. The download weighs in at just 12MB.

Quadrilateral Cowboy is available for PC now, with Mac and Linux versions due this September.

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