Long-standing studio beats the industry's finest to claim quiz glory

Blitz triumphs at The Develop Quiz

They came, they drank their weight in beer, and they were quizzed – and, in the end, Blitz Game Studios proved that 20 years in the industry gives you what it takes to win the Develop Pub Quiz.

The Leamington Spa studio triumphed over second-placed Lunch PR and third-placed Peppermint PR after answering eight tough rounds of questions. A tense tiebreaker decided the fate of the two teams contending for the bronze and silver positions.

The sold out event welcomed 130 leading UK games developers to central London’s upmarket Sway Bar. If you want to be there next time, check back with us for more on the forthcoming Develop Quiz.

Blitz and 18 other teams were quizzed on topics like industry news, evil corporations in fiction, Warner characters in silhouette form, and dialogue from classic games. Thanks to our generous sponsors UKIE, Avatar, Big Head Games and Deep Silver the night was a huge success, and everybody enjoyed themselves a great deal.

Blitz took home the Develop Quiz trophy, a £2,000 Develop ad credit and ample quantities of champagne. The atmosphere was rowdy, the form of Sylvester and Tweety was argued furiously, and a fair few business cards changed hands.

In order of score, starting with the highest, the following teams did battle at the Develop Quiz:

1. Blitz Game Studios
2. Lunch PR
3. Peppermint PR
4. Sheridans
5. Splash Damage
6. Aardvark Swift
7. Maverick
8. Premier PR
9. Firefly Studios
10. Hotgen
11. Jagex (Team 2)
12. Big Head Games
13. Playfire
14. UKIE
15. Jagex (Team 1)
16. Vertical slice
17. Centroid
18. Rocksteady Studios
19. Spov

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