Former Ubisoft and Relic director Josh Mosqueira steps up responsibilities on dungeon crawler

Blizzard appoints new Diablo III game director

Blizzard has appointed the lead designer of the Diablo III console port as game director across platforms.

Having joined the developer in May 2011, Josh Mosqueira was tasked with determining whether the dungeon crawler could be developed for console.

Now appointed as game director for all platforms, Mosqueira said he would be focusing his efforts on issues in Diablo III such as making in-game items more meaningful and improving the loot experience by introducing targeted Legendaries and allowing users to customise their characters armour both visibly and mechanically.

He added he was also looking at ways to reduce the impact of the controversial Auction House, which former game director Jay Wilson, who stepped down from the role of game director in January, recently admitted had “really hurt the game”.

Mosqueira said that although the feature provided a lot of value to the game, “it shouldn’t feel like the end-all-be-all force driving character progression”.

“We’ve built a solid foundation for the future of Diablo III and we’re focused on staying true to the core essence of the game, while pushing boundaries to evolve gameplay in ways that will keep players like you excited,” said Mosqueira.

"We hope you’ll agree that with each update, the game keeps getting better and better, and we’re only just getting started. In the future, we’ll be focused on preserving the core fantasy by cultivating the roots of the Diablo storyline, fine-tuning the heroes for what lays ahead, and creating new monsters and demons that will once again plant the seed of fear in your hearts.

“While some Diablo players out there are just looking for a fun single playthrough of the game, for many others, part of the appeal of the game is coming back again and again to test their mettle against challenging foes in an ongoing search for rare treasures, with the goal of making their heroes more and more powerful.

“We want to give those players, and really everyone, even more reasons to keep coming back to Sanctuary, and we have some great ideas brewing for ways to address randomisation, what our endgame should offer, and how to make playing online with friends truly fulfilling.”

As well as working at Blizzard for the last two years, Mosqueira has also previously held roles of creative director at Ubisoft and design director at Relic Entertainment.

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