World of Warcraft studio goes straight to consumers for original Warcraft and Starcraft downloads - but not WoW itself

Blizzard opens Digital Download Store

Shacknews points out that Vivendi-owned Blizzard, soon to be a ‘headline act’ in the Activision Blizzard merger, has started offering digital downloads.

The studio, which makes most of its revenues from subscriptions to MMO World of Warcraft, has offered up three of its older games – StarCraft Anthology, WarCraft III, and WarCraft III Frozen Throne expansion – for download.

World of Warcraft and its expansion are not available direct from Blizzard, however – although presumably can still be found via third-party digital download firms which do sell WoW and its spin-offs.

Blizzard’s new service allows Blizzard game owners to also register CD keys so they can obtain digital versions of its other games such as Diablo whenever they like. The site is also opening up a beta key lottery allowing users to put their name into a draw so they can get early access to upcoming beta programsfor new Blizzard games.

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