Chain of lawsuits grows longer as Dota firm enters the fray

Blizzard suing Lilith Games, which is suing Heroes Charge

Blizzard plans to sue Shanghai-based developer Lilith Games over its mobile game Soul Clash.

The title was published by Longtu Games in Taiwan and China as DOTA Legend, which also translates to Turret Legend. Unlike Blizzard’s Dota, the game is actually a card collection and battle game rather than a MOBA.

As well as obviously infringing on the use of ‘Dota’ in the name, Blizzard says the game plagiarises elements of both Warcraft and World of Warcraft. Many of the characters bear likenesses to the familiar races of WoW.

In a press release, spotted by Gamasutra, Blizzard’s COO Paul Sams said the firm will “actively protect [its] rights through law” and has filed a criminal complaint to the Taipei District Court Prosecutor’s Office.

The twist is that Lilith Games is already suing Heroes Charge developers uCool for cloning Soul Clash, something the Chinese dev claims will damage its chances of bringing the game to Western markets under the name Allstar Heroes.

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