Full-priced game will be supported with post-launch heroes and maps

Blizzard to offer Overwatch content for free ‘to alleviate player concerns’

Blizzard’s upcoming shooter Overwatch will be supported with a range of free maps and heroes to help temper players’ heated reaction to paid DLC.

The team-based shooter was revealed earlier this year, but was announced as a full-priced title – to the surprise of many online commenters, who had believed it to be a free-to-play game.

Game director Jeff Kaplan has now spoken about the presence of additional paid content in the title during a Developer Update post on the PlayOverwatch YouTube channel.

"We have ideas for additional maps and heroes that we’d like to add to the game,” he states.

“So we thought about this and decided the best way to add them to the game is to patch them in as free content and not as DLC.

“Hopefully that alleviates some concerns that people have."

Kaplan continued by saying a solid plan for a post-release roll-out of content was yet to be confirmed.

"We don’t have an exact timeline of when new heroes will be added to the game, how soon after launch or how many,” he said.

"That’s something that we really need to get a feel for what’s healthy for the game, so I don’t have a lot of specific details there.

“We just know that when we patch a new hero into the game we want it to be free and not as DLC." 

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