New add-on charges users to pay to play and rewards them with real money for kills

Bohemia instructs DayZ gambling modders to cease development

Bohemia Interactive has instructed developers of a DayZ ‘gambling’ mod to cease work on the title as it claims it undermines the original experience.

As reported by VG247, the unofficial mod, called DayZ Bounty, charges users between $5 to $20 to play, and rewards players with real money for kills.

ArmA developer Bohmeia however has claimed that this mod undermines the work done by the original team, and has distanced itself from any association with the new mod.

“The DayZ development team and Bohemia Interactive is not involved or has had any contact with with DayZ Bounty and it’s creators,” said a DayZ spokesperson.

“While we fully support modifications created by the community to improve the gaming experience for players of DayZ and ArmA II, we do not support their creators putting a cost on them. As commercially exploiting their small additions to DayZ undermines the work done by the original team.”

The spokesperson added that the mod completely changes the the concept of the original game, designed to be a gritty experience, and making it a title based “almost sole on financial gain” and said the developer would “be contacting the owners of the DayZ Bounty website directly over the coming days, to ask that they cease their activities in their current form.”

DayZ, created by Dean Hall, has proved a huge success since it was launched earlier this year, and has garnered 1.6 million unique users, with overall playtime exceeding 2,395 years.

The game, which sparked a boost in sales for ArmA II, on which the title is modded on, has proven so popular that it is now slated to get a full standalone release.

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