Industry veteran blasts amateur decisions made in Whitehall

Braben: Bottom line, MPs donâ??t care

Frontier founder David Braben has described the current Labour Government as ‘bankers at heart’, suggesting that the overriding problem is that MPs don’t care about the game industry.

Braben made his comments in a lively Develop opinion piece following the news that the Government is not yet persuaded by ongoing arguments for game tax breaks.

“The Government may have said it’s not convinced by tax break proposals, but it’s been saying that for three years now,” said the decorated game industry veteran.

“They keep asking for a more in-depth report proposing for tax breaks, we keep giving it to them.

“Despite the government’s public protestations, I don’t think the individuals involved in this actually care, really. That’s the bottom line. MPs don’t care.”

Braben said he wasn’t surprised by the current cabinet’s decision to ignore calls for game tax breaks, claiming that the administration has failed in a number of key areas.

“Obviously you hope that the UK Government has done something sensible, but if you look at what they’ve done in every sector – the way the steel industry is being handled, the way the banking sector is being mismanaged, the way the bonus fiasco is only being handled only now – it’s just all very amateur.”

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