Braithwaite and Hall abandon Kickstarter RPG

An ambitious RPG project by genre stalwarts Brenda Braithwaite and Tim Hall has been abandoned.

The project was headed by Loot Drop, a studio that houses John Romero, Brenda Braithwaite and Tom Hall, and kicked off its Kickstarter drive earlier this month.

The studio was after $1m to fund an old-school” fantasy RPG, with Braithwaite (Wizardry, Dungeons & Dragons) and Hall (Doom) heading up development duties.

However, the team behind the pitch have admitted defeat after amassing just a quarter of its $1m goal with just under two weeks remaining.

In the industry, games are pitched every day. Some make it to the next stage, but many don’t,” the team wrote.

We are profoundly grateful to our fans. You were as excited about this game as we were, and from the very beginning, you encouraged us to post more details about it and even sent in fan art! We have received backing from over 7,000 of you and raised a quarter million dollars in just a few days (!). That’s humbling and wonderful.

Ultimately, our pitch just wasn’t strong enough to get the traction we felt it needed to thrive. Sure, it may have made it. We could have fought our way to a possibly successful end. In reading your feedback and talking it over internally, however, we decided that it made more sense to kill it and come back with something stronger.

In game design, mercy killing is the law. So, please accept our thanks and apologies in equal order. Expect something more soon.”

The news follows the collapse of successfully Kickstarted project Haunts: The Manse Macabre last week.

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