Revolution 60 developer also sets up legal fund to defend women against character assassination

Brianna Wu offering $11k for information leading to apprehension of harassers

Brianna Wu’s family is offering cash rewards for information that leads to the apprehension of her harassers.

The Revolution 60 developer has become the subject of internet abuse during the last month, and was forced to flee her home after receiving a slew of death threats which identified her home address.

In an effort to combat such behaviour and bring the harassers to justice, Wu’s family is now offering $11,000 for the apprehension, arrest and/or conviction of the first person. $1,000 will be provided by Wu, and a further $10,000 by an anonymous donor. The reward for information on additional individuals will gradually decrease.

You can view the full statement below.

Wu has also set up a legal defence fund for the women targeted by Twitter hashtag campaign Gamergate, which has been the source of much of the abuse received by developers and critics. The fund pledges to deal with character assassination by funding lawyers to stand up for victims in court.

“Sadly, fighting back is all these bullies understand,” wrote Wu.

“I’m in the process of making sure the fund complies with our legal and tax structure. My suggestion to anyone in Gamergate is to think very carefully about saying something libellous or defamatory about the women you target.”

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