Activision signs contract for MMO sci-fantasy shooter series

Bungie contract for eight games through 2020

Details of the Activision Bungie contract unsealed during the West-Zampella vs. Activision hearings show the company plans to release four games and four expansions, begining in fall of 2013.

The "sci-fantasy action shooter" games, known only as "Destiny", are to be MMOs, defined as "client based mission structures with persistent elements", and will be released every other year through 2019.

The expansions, referred to as "comet", are to be released every other year begining in fall of 2014 through to 2020.

According to the contract, the first game in the Destiny series was planned for launch on Xbox 360 and Xbox 720, with a PS3 version possibly in the works for fall 2014.

The second game was slated for initial release on Xbox 360, Xbox 720, and PS4.

Activision also plans several smaller DLC packages for the Destiny games.

As the contract, provided by the L.A. Times, was effective April 16th, 2010, details of the games may have changed, including planned launch dates and platforms.

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