The Destiny 2 armour item was removed during Tuesday's downtime for game updates

Bungie remove Legendary item with similarities to a white supremacist logo

Destiny 2 developer, Bungie, has removed an armour item from within the game due to similarities between that and a logo from a white supremacist flag.

The armour, which website Waypoint discovered to be the Road Complex AA1 gauntlets, had a symbol that resembles the ‘KEK’ logo which is commonly found on the flags of white supremacist groups. If you search for the item at the moment on Bungie’s website, you are redirected to a "Classified" page.

The developer says that it was unaware that there were any similarities in the design and, once it was brought to its attention, Bungie removed the armour from the game. The ‘Legendary’ item was removed during Destiny 2‘s update on Tuesday, which went on a little longer than expected with a further three-hour outage for fans, with servers going back online around 10pm British time.

Bungie CEO, Pete Parsons, also addressed the decision to remove the item via twitter, saying "Our company values place the highest emphasis on inclusion of all people and respect for all who work with us or play our games."

The logo, known as the ‘Kekistan flag’, was a prominent symbol in the recent rally in Charlottesville and has many connections to white supremacy.

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