Bungie swiftly reacts to player misgivings surrounding Curse of Osiris content locks

Since the launch of Destiny 2 Bungie has been promising its community that it would be listening more attentively and taking greater action to fix issues. Just before the launch of the first expansion, Curse of Osiris, the studio cancelled its livestream showing off new armour and weapons in order to respond to community concerns about changes to the game’s experience system. Now, less than a week after the expansion’s launch, Bungie has backtracked on policies that block previously accessible content for those who don’t yet have the season pass.

The initial plan was to make high-end multiplayer content available only to people who have the new expansion, including a hard (“prestige”) version of the original raid, and recurring events such as Iron Banner and Trials of the Nine. Understandably, the community rose up against this, wanting to retain access to the content they feel they initially paid for and, to Bungie’s credit, the studio has quickly changed its policies. Access will be given to vanilla players once the weekly reset has taken place.

It’s a win for the developer at a time when tensions surrounding paid-for content are the highest they’ve been since Oblivion’s horse armour. The speed at which Bungie is able to make these changes is impressive to anyone who lived through the original Destiny, and the studio’s willingness to serve its community is clearly evident. Check out the full blog post for all the details.

However, you’ve got to wonder just how many times Bungie is going to have to react to community criticism, rather than simply delivering content that delights the majority of its audience in the first place. Misgivings remain about the amount and depth of Destiny 2’s endgame content and the Curse of Osiris metacritic currently wears an eyewatering 1.5/10 user rating.

Still, at least we’re all rocking a Prometheus Lens. Even if they are nerfing the hell out of it.

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