â??The majority of publishers and developers right now donâ??t want to embark on this kind of relationship.â?

Bungie: Why we chose Activision

Bungie community director Brian Jarrard has revealed why the studio this week signed a 10 year deal with Activision, above and beyond the "whole bunch of potential partners and publishers" it was in talks with.

In an interview with Develop, Jarrard detailed the process that Bungie went through after deciding roughly a year ago that they would start looking for a publisher “to help lock down and secure our future”.

Jarrard was keen to impress the reasons that Activision had been successful where others hadn’t.

“Over that time we have spoken to a whole bunch of potential partners and publishers and Activision was there from the beginning,” he said.

“I’d say ultimately what drew us to them was the fact they are one of the largest publishers in the industry able to launch big properties globally across multiple platforms.”

Jarrard added that Bungie was also pleased to have been able to retain what he referred to as its “core values in terms of making sure we remain independent and that we own the IP we are creating.”

“We have creative control over executing our vision of how this universe we make will play out over the coming decade.”

Speaking about the deal in wider terms, Jarrard discussed his belief that both Bungie and Activision were in a unique position of power in the industry that allowed them to do things that others perhaps could not.

“I know a lot of people would love that. But thanks to our track record, and the efforts people working here have put into it for 19 years, we have been able to go out and get the kind of deal we want,” he said.

“I don’t think you will see a shift where this becomes more and more the now – because the majority of publishers and developers right now don’t want to embark on that kind of relationship.”

When asked why Bungie had decided to find a publisher rather than revert to their former first-party status, Jarrard said that the studio wanted to remain focused on development to ensure it could deliver “great experiences”.

“Adding a whole other level to our business would just dilute what makes Bungie Bungie. It’s great that we can focus on that, and that eventually it will make it to market in the most efficient and most impact way with someone like Activision,” he said.

“This partnership gives us just that – we get everything we need and Activision has access to new IP. If we hadn’t been able to find a publisher that could help us stay true we might have considered it – but that’s a big leap… We just want to focus on great entertainment.”

The full interview can be read here.

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