Disney Universe branded a 'copy' of LittleBigPlanet and LEGO games from yesteryear

Burton: ‘Disney has ripped off our LEGO games’

Jon Burton, design director at Traveller’s Tales, has accused Disney of “ripping off” his studio’s LEGO series of games.

Disney today revealed its new home console and PC title, called Disney Universe, which is a platform adventure targeted at a young audience.

Upon observing the game for the first time, Burton took umbrage to its apparent similarities to Traveller’s Tales’ own work.

“Disney [have] ripped off our LEGO games and Little Big Planet to create [Disney Universe],” Burton said on Twitter.

“Best of luck to them.”

He later said, “Disney Universe: drop-in/out co-op gameplay, play thru several films, adaptive difficulty & abilities based on what character u r =LEGO 2006”

Disney’s new game allows customers to play as a variety of well-known Disney and Pixar characters, walking through various famous movie storylines told in different gametypes.

Burton later said: “I’m pretty sure they’ll do some stuff better, and we could do with a bit of competition – good for everyone, right?”

The game is being built by UK independent studio Eurocom, who Burton said he is a fan of.

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