Trade body for UK developers backs report - but says industry should not be burdened by 'cost of waging an information campaign'

BYRON REVIEW: Tiga warns Government must not further burden studios

UK game developer trade association Tiga has formally backed today’s Government-commissioned Byron Review, but has warned authorities that the industry shouldn’t be burdened with the ‘sole of cost of waging an information campaign about the ratings systems for games’.

In the review, Tanya Byron called for better information about the content of video games and for parents to take greater responsibility in ensuring their children do not view inapporpriate material.

In a publicly-issued statement, CEO Richard Wilson said: "Since 2006 Tiga has proactively encouraged games developers and the industry as a whole to embrace the voluntary PEGI system and where possible disseminate information about games ratings to help consumers. We therefore support the Byron Review’s recommendations to give purchasers more information concerning the content of video games and that
parents must take greater responsibility for protecting their children from viewing inappropriate material.

"However, the Government must not burden the games industry alone with the cost of executing an information campaign about the ratings system for games. Games developers already face intense competition from government subsidised Canadian games developers. The last thing the games industry needs is for the UK Government to impose additional costs on it."

Wilson added that the new proposed age rating system would "place considerable burden on the BBFC", and that he hopes "the reformed classification system will not result in a slow and costly accreditation process for games".

He said: "The Government will need to ensure that the BBFC is properly resourced if it is to meet its new responsibilities. Tiga looks forward to taking part in the consultation process concerning the proposal to establish a hybrid classification system for games. In the meantime, the Government should think twice before adding to the games industry’s costs in the form of a massive public awareness campaign about the ratings system.”

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