Devs can now forget about tech limitations and simply focus on creating experiences, says Quantic Dream boss

Cage: PS4 allows devs to focus on creating experiences

The hardware underyling Sony’s PS4 means developers can now focus on creating emotional experiences without having to worry about technical limitations, David Cage has said.

Taking to the stage at Sony’s PS4 reveal, Quantic Dream CEO Cage said that when asked what feature he wanted to see more on future hardware platforms, his answer was always the same, emotions.

"We don’t users just to watch something, we want them to believe it and suspend their disbelief," he said.

He stated that to create truly emotional experiences in games, lots of technology was required to capture it, such as good sound, gameplay and cinematography.

He compared the current landscape of the film industry to old silent movies, in which actors were required to exagerate their expressions to display emotions on camera and to the audience.

With advancements in technology however, viewers could be brought closer to the actors, able to see their facial expressions and more subtle emotions.

Cage showed a video of Quantic Dream’s new engine playing in realtime, which presented an impressively made 3D model of a head, with 3D depth of field, good shadowing and details eye movement and expression.

He explained that in Heavy Rain, characters were made up of 15,000 polygons, while in the Kara demo the model was made up of 20,000 polygons.

In Beyond: Two Soulds meanwhile, with character models sitting at an impressive 30,000 polygons.

"This is the quality we will get in our future games, and we know we can go even further," he said.

"Game creators can now forget about technology limitations and simply focus on creating experiences.

"Developers can focus on creating emotions you have never felt in your life without worrying about horsepower. We are now only limited by our imagination."

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