New internal track available at Execution Labs to developers not interested in running a studio

Canada game dev incubator opens second round of applications

Canadian indie game developer incubator Execution Labs is now taking its second round of applications to join its start-up program.

As well as providing investment, the company offers successful applicants office space, development tools and mentoring with development and marketing.

The program is split into two parts, spin and internal. Developers who take part in the ‘spin’ track will be able to spin-off into a new game studio once their title has been released. The team will keep their own IP and take ownership of the company.

Teams on the internal track meanwhile go through all the same phases, but will stay at Execution Labs rather form into an independent studio once their title is live. Execution Labs will retain the IP rights, but the developers will still be given a share of game revenues.

“For this cohort, we’re adding a second track to our program,” said Execution Labs co-founder Keith Katz.

“We still have the ‘spin’ track, which is geared for game teams who want to spin out into their own indie studios once they complete the program. We’re now adding an ‘internal’ track, which is designed for developers who want the creative freedom to make the games they want to make, but who don’t necessarily want to run their own studios.”

He added: “They’re still independent teams. But they stick around after their games launch and continue servicing that game while working on their next project.”

The Montreal-based game incubator was launched last year, and took its first five developers in January. One of those teams, mobile developer Pixel Crucible, has stayed on at Execution Labs as its first internal team.

For more information on Execution Labs, visit the official website.

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