Yes, it's about hockey

Canadian PM makes game for third annual Hour of Code

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken steps to encourage Canadians to take part in Hour of Code, the yearly computer science education event put together by the nonprofit. He’s made a game, and he’d like you to play it.

"Coding is easy & anyone can try it. Check out the game I made today at & visit to learn more" said the tweet, sent from the Prime Minister’s twitter account, with his game being what looks like Breakout crossed with hockey.

It’s a smart bit of promotion for Hour of Code, directing attention to the website which hosts one-hour coding tutorials in 45 different languages to teach people how to code all sorts of simple applications, with many of these being direct tutorials for game projects.

Trudeau’s game attempt coincides with the 3rd annual Hour of Code, which is running alongside the annual Computer Science Education Week, itself aimed at bringing computer education to classrooms and other places around the world.

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