New characters, play and performance upgrades coming via physical disc only

Capcom drops DLC model with Super Street Fighter

Capcom’s Street Fighter studio in Japan is set to deliver a comprehensive update to Street Fighter IV, but the additional content will come via physical disc.

Super Street Fighter IV, as it’s called, will arrive on retail shelves as a standalone disc. It will come with “about eight” new characters, new move sets, and a host of performance and play tweaks.

According to a Gamespot report, the game will not be compatible with Street Fighter IV, with Capcom instead opting to merge old and new on the same physical disc.

As further emphasis on the lengths Capcom will go to avoid the DLC route, the company has promised that Super Street Fighter IV won’t be sold at full price, and that some kind of discount can be arranged for those who already own SFIV.

Capcom told Develop several months back that the infrastructure was in place to update Street Fighter IV with digital content.

The publisher certainly dipped its toes in the DLC model, having offered alternative costume packs for SFIV owners, albeit at a strikingly high price-point.

Like Bethesda and EA and Rockstar before it, Capcom is turning its attentions to physical product with what essentially is a comprehensive add-on pack.

Considering the acclaim lavished upon the Street Fighter series – since the early nineties, no less – it’s likely that the physical update approach won’t take a beating at the retailers.

Image: Gamespot

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