Publisher says a strong business model must be Sony and Microsoftâ??s priority

Capcom fires warning on Move and Natal

The era of motion controllers could snap shut as quickly as it has blown open, one of the world’s biggest publishers has warned.

Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto has welcomed the arrival of both Sony’s PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Project Natal, but said that both platform holders need to prove there is a concrete plan in place to sell the devices.

"If there isn’t a strong business model message from the platform holders about how they will develop [motion controllers] with users, then I don’t think it will go well," Tsujimoto said.

Both Move and Natal are expected to get copious amounts of exposure at the upcoming E3 trade show. And the event will also, for the first time, showcase Nintendo’s 3DS handheld system.

Tsujimoto briefly discussed Nintendo’s new handheld. In an interview with The Financial Times he said he was “interested to see what else the new DS has apart from 3D.”

It has been often speculated that the 3DS will include motion control capabilities.

"There is a big change under way in the video game business model," Tsujimoto added.

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